The Value Of Your Health

It has been said that the most valuable thing that you possess is your health. Let’s face it, today more than ever, health is a

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You Need To Hear This

This morning I was thinking… There are only 3 months left until the new year. Which got me thinking about 2023 and goals for next

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Top 3 Weight Loss Mistakes

People have been trying to lose weight for decades. It’s not a new concept We have a better understanding of the body more than any

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Consistently Staying Consistent

When people are struggling to see results, they often say this…“I’ve been really good lately…”“I ate healthy over the weekend…”“I worked out every day this

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Should You Workout More?

First off, why would you want to workout more?? For most people, the thought usually goes like this…“If I workout more, I’ll lose more weight.”This

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Do this Every Day!

What is one thing that you should do every day? There are probably many that you can think of.  I believe that this one makes

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The #1 Results Killer

Why is it that every time you start to see results, something happens that sets you back? We see and hear it again and again.

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