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Forever Fit

55+ Personal Training Naples, Florida

Specifically created for those 55+ looking to build strength, boost stamina, and increase stability.

With safe strength and conditioning exercises, we’ll improve your mobility, reduce pain, and increase your levels of energy—possibly giving you more energy than you’ve ever had before!

Our Forever Fit coaches will guide you through our new and cutting edge workout program that’s designed to work on the four most critical factors that you need—Functional Mobility, Power, Balance, and Stamina—so that you can live an active and independent life and enjoy all those grand adventures ahead of you!

Chronological age is just a number. With our help, your biological age can be 35 or younger!

With Forever Fit, we want to make sure you have the health you need to stay active and independent. We want you to keep chasing your dreams, new experiences, and even your grandchildren—at any age!

All You Need To Know+

What you Need to know

Learn the truth, about your body and how to fuel it right. Educate the client on various aspects of maintaining healthy eating habits and how to integrate this lifestyle into their own. 

Full of ENERGY, HARD WORK, & FUN! With the emphasis on functional mobility, power, balance, and stamina, Forever Fit’s well rounded approach to training and health. 

Semi-Private Personal Training offers the quality and variety of a personal training session at a fraction of the price.

Some personal trainers make the mistake of pushing their clients too much, beyond the capabilities of their bodies. Our team of Exercise Specialist are certified Functional Aging Specialist. Our team of Doctors of Physical Therapy work with our Exercise Specialist to design safe workouts to avoid common injuries from over exercising and excessive stress on the body. Our team has thousands of hours of ongoing training to maintain the safety of our clients. 

Training sessions are limited in size to keep individuality. You will never have to fight for space or equipment. Our knowledgeable Exercise Specialist ensure you push yourself safely without breaking you down.

Safe and efficient training based on science and backed by the experts in musculoskeletal care in our Doctors of Physical Therapy. Program designed to increase strength, flexibility, and motor control so you can get be the healthiest version of yourself!

Our program educates and encourages individuals to be physically active every day and eat a balanced diet. The focus is on the benefits of proper nutrition and exercise for life! We work to equip clients with the tools they need for life-long wellness.

Forever Fit classes are available one to three times a week depending upon on your needs and availability. Each program is led from start to finish by a certified Functional Aging Specialist who will serve as your guide and motivation throughout the session.

We want all the energy to stay mentally focused and physically strong throughout the day. We want to boost your immune systems and speed the recovery process. Nutrition plays a critical role in achieving these goals. 

Forever Fit at Florida Personal Training is unique in that we place a huge emphasis on recovery. The bottom line is that training is only as good as your body is able to recover from. FPT provides modalities and guidance on this important element to ensure you are getting the most out of your work in the gym.

Train With Experts

MEET THE specialist

Dr. Otto Jaasko, DPT

Nutrition Specialist, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Brionna Bailey

Functional Aging Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer

Choose The Right Plan For You

Forever Fit Semi-private personal training

Starter Package

$ 140 Four Weeks
  • 1 Weekly Session
  • OFW Ultimate Fitness Membership
  • Monthly In-home exercise program
  • Full Access to Monthly Webinars

Starter Package

$ 260 Four Weeks
  • 2 Weekly Session
  • OFW Ultimate Fitness Membership
  • Monthly In-home exercise program
  • Full Access to Monthly Webinars

Starter Package

$ 360 Four Weeks
  • 3 Weekly Session
  • OFW Ultimate Fitness Membership
  • Monthly In-home exercise program
  • Full Access to Monthly Webinars
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