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Our Food Should Be Our Medicine & Our Medicine Should Be Our Food

How and what we eat affects every aspect of physical and emotional health and how our body functions. Healthful eating is integral to overall health and wellness. Whether your goal is to manage your weight, control a health problem, or simply learn how to fit healthy eating and activity into your lifestyle, our team will help you develop a personalized plan utilizing a non-dieting, behavior-based approach.  

Nutrition counseling is available for a variety of concerns, including weight control and women’s health issues, as well as management (or prevention) of health problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes/prediabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, cancer and eating disorders.  

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What you Need to know

Weight management is a struggle for many, whether it has been a lifelong issue or a more recent development. FPT Nutrition Specialists understand the difficulty of forming healthy habits, especially in a society where the unhealthy choice is much easier to make. We work with individuals to develop nutrition plans that work well for you and help make healthy choices uncomplicated with strategies to approach eating in a more mindful, healthful way.

FPT Nutrition Specialists provide counseling for a variety of nutrition needs, including medical diagnoses such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, gastroesophagel reflux, high cholesterol, and more. We get personal with individuals and learn about their daily symptoms including uncomfortable gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea and determine if their diet may be impacting their daily living. Our Nutrition Specialists work with clients to develop individualized nutrition plans and work with each individual to provide sound nutrition advice based on their individual symptoms.

Are you in a rut when it comes to meal planning?  Let us make it easier for you! FPT Nutrition Consulting is proud to offer our NEW approach to meal planning. Designed around your busy lifestyle, our personalized, customized meal plan service will make it easy for you to make the commitment to eating well! Schedule a virtual or in-person consultation with our culinary expert Nutrition Specialist to help take the stress away from meal planning.

Your consultation will include:

  • In-depth interview with our Nutrition Specialist to identify obstacles and limitations when it comes to eating healthy.
  • Customized food and recipe recommendations to promote everyday health
  • Practical eating suggestions, recipe ideas and grocery list designed for you and your family

Making healthy choices when you go to the grocery store can be overwhelming. Take a guided supermarket tour to find healthy foods in every aisle and find guidance for your special dietary needs. We will help you understand how to read food labels, and what to look for on your next grocery trip. FPT Nutrition Specialist will take you through all of the departments in your store of choice and teach you food preparation tips and tricks as you tour through the aisles.

Feel like you are purchasing the same foods at the grocery store week after week? We can help you gain fresh eyes as you walk the aisles. Learn how to make short cuts in meal preparation and get the most out of the foods you stock in your pantry

Many struggle to balance a healthy diet while complying with their food restrictions. Whether it is multiple food allergies, lactose intolerance, or discussing an elimination diet to determine which foods may be causing daily symptoms, we will use our experience to assist in finding safe foods with ease. Additionally, NPT Nutrition Specialist will teach you how to meet nutrient needs on a restricted diet. Do you have questions on how to find appropriate substitutions for your food restrictions? Need assistance reading ingredient labels or having trouble understanding the FDA food labeling laws? Do you have questions about managing your food allergy at while dining out? We can help with these and answer all questions to make food allergy and intolerance management easy for you.

According to research from Harvard’s School of Public Healthmedical costs fall by about $3.27 and absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73 for every dollar spent on wellness programs. FPT Nutrition Specialist offer the convenience of on-site corporate wellness initiatives, including:

  • Individualized nutrition counseling provided during the work day
  • Speaking engagements with topics including, healthy travel, dining out and snacking solutions
  • Group workshops with hands-on engagement

A healthy lifestyle is not only important for the individual, but for an entire team. FPT offers corporate wellness plans to help busy professionals develop healthy eating habits at home, while traveling, or in the office. A healthy body and mind is as important for personal lives as it is for professional success. We work with employers to develop a wellness plan that works for each setting, including in-office nutrition counseling. Contact Kevin for more information about our corporate wellness services.

Work with our Nutrition Specialists to identify needs, establish healthy eating habits, and get a fresh take on nutrition to reach your goals. Our nutrition consults are designed to increase energy, improve body composition, enhance recovery, improve performance, and decrease the risk of disease.

In a one-on-one setting, either remotely or in person, Nutrition Specialist work with clients to assess their nutrition knowledge and behaviors, evaluate current nutritional status, set goals, and formulate a plan to improve health and performance. Each individualized plan includes a meal plan, supplement recommendations (when needed), personal strategies, and practical tools to reach goals.

Nutrition provides the foundational support to fuel the mind and body and maximize performance. Our Nutrition Specialists aim to make it easier and more meaningful for people to fuel their bodies.  Our nutrition team members are experienced, dynamic public speakers and experts in both performance nutrition and medical nutrition therapy.

They work to stay on the forefront of science and research in their fields by collaborating with our network of researchers, partners, and industry professionals.

Our Nutrition Specialist coordinate nutrition-related programming, lead one-on-one and group nutrition consultations, and develop nutrition and supplementation plans. And because we focus on nutrition as the foundation for success, our Nutrition Specialists help integrate nutrition into other areas of health and wellness programs.

Depending on your performance needs, our Nutrition Specialists can be stationed at your worksite or brought in virtually or in person at designated times to provide education and consultation.

We want all the energy to stay mentally focused and physically strong throughout the day. We want to boost your immune systems and speed the recovery process. Nutrition plays a critical role in achieving these goals. 

FPT prides itself in offering customized solutions for real people with unique needs. As such, our pricing is not pre-set, but rather determined and mutually agreed upon in the initial phone call or email exchange you have with us. Talk with your team FPT member about the right plan for you and your family 

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MEET THE specialist

Jen Gerken, CPT

Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer

Dr. Otto Jaasko, DPT

Nutrition Specialist, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Choose The Right Plan For You

Nutritional counseling

Initial consultation

$ 200
  • Initial consults typically run 60 minutes. During that time, your dietitian will discuss your current eating habits, diet/health history, and personal goals. Individualized recommendations for reaching your goals and recommendations for follow-up appointments will be discussed at the end of the session.

Additional consultations

$ 125
  • For clients looking for ongoing support and accountability, we offer multi-session packages that also provide clients with email access to their dietitian between appointments. We offer a 3-session package and a 5-session package.

7 Day Meal Plan

$ 380
  • Some people respond best when a clear, healthy eating plan is made available while they work towards modifying their eating patterns and behaviours to achieve their weight loss goals. To assist in the beginning stages of change, a Nutrition Specialist can help kick start your weight loss efforts by building a personalized 7 day meal plan, complete with a grocery list. Our customized meal plans are always built around you and your individual needs. We do not sell generic meal plans or use a one size fits all diet that is often seen on the internet or in diet books.
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