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We provide a lifestyle change-with accountability, guidance, variety, and fun.

Instead of having a separate company serve each of your wellness needs, all our experts work together to ensure an integrated and collaborative routine.

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What you Need to know

Whether your goals are to increase longevity, strength, lose weight, gain energy, increase flexibility, reduce stress or run a marathon; Our team will provide you with the motivation and resources necessary to make your goals attainable.

Our coaches will remove the roadblocks and facilitate mindset and behavior change strategies to allow you to live a healthy lifestyle. Coaching sessions focus on topics such as nutrition, exercise, stressors, and lifestyle habits. 

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is taking care of your body. Through life’s stress or athletic endeavors, we create tension in our muscles and connective tissue. We must remove any knots and tension created to be at our best. 

Have Sleep Problems? For those who may have sleeping problems on a consistent basis and want to make a significant improvement sleep therapy can help.

Get an individually tailored program guided by a dedicated professional, you will achieve recovery and independence!

A powerful unique holistic and integrated approach to  your overall wellness specially designed for you.

At FPT, we understand you are busy living your life, which is why we offer the Concierge Wellness Program, where members have direct access to your wellness team, bypass a standard scheduling process, and receive priority care. 

The Concierge Wellness Program is a holistic and integrated approach to your overall wellness. In addition to having direct access to your Wellness Specialist, you’ll work with the concierge team to build a personalized health plan with services such as personal training, massage therapy, physical therapy, nutrition and sleep therapy.  

A Concierge Experience Coordinator is available to our concierge clients for immediate scheduling with our Wellness Team. 

Each client will receive annual wellness exam to capture the whole picture of your health and then you match you with the appropriate members of the team. We leave no stone unturned in making sure you continue to be your healthiest. 

Train With Experts


Choose The Right Plan For You

Wellness Concierge plans


6-8 weeks 20 Sessions
  • Customized program inclusive of yoga, Fitness or Wellness Sessions
  • Meet with Pro 2-3 days a week for 6-8 weeks (choose from yoga, fitness, or wellness sessions)
  • Includes 2 assessment sessions to monitor your progress

Core Wellness

12-16 weeks 50 Sessions
  • Customized full spectrum program inclusive of yoga, fitness, wellness and nutrition sessions
  • Meet with Pro 2-3 days a week for 12-16 weeks (choose from yoga, fitness, wellness, nutrition coaching, private chef sessions)
  • Includes 3 assessment sessions to monitor your progress

Ultimate wellness

Monthly Membership
  • Wellness program completely curated and customized to fit your needs, goals and busy lifestyle. Program includes all of FPT's services
  • We take care of all fitness and health requests from planning workouts, creating nutrition guides, arranging multi-city sessions and classes, organizing and coordinating all wellness needs.
  • Full-time wellness "personal assistant" to coach, assists with all request, monitor progress, and track results
  • (10) 60 min sessions and (1) nutritional consultation per month
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