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Top 3 Weight Loss Mistakes

People have been trying to lose weight for decades. It’s not a new concept We have a better understanding of the body more than any other time in our existence. So why do so many people still struggle to get results? After working with thousands of people, here are the top 3 weight loss mistakes […]

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Eat Better, Feel Better

What if you ate better for the next 30 days? How much would your weight decrease? How would you feel? Let’s give it a go… Step #1: Clean the junk out. Step one is simple: get rid of all the junk food that currently resides in your home, office and car. Go through with a

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Workout Smarter

All workouts were not created equally. Sadly, many people simply waste time in the gym. Here are 5 tips to ensure that every minute of your workout is well spent burning fat and toning your muscles… Workout Smarter Tip 1: Use More Resistance In order to get the most from each rep it’s important to

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