Physical Therapy

Yoga Training for Balance

Good balance is particularly beneficial in sports that demand a high degree of agility, coordination and technical ability. But actually, it’s a win for all. From a physical point of view, one-legged standing poses are great for building strength in the feet, ankles, hips and core. Arm balances build upper body strength, especially in the …

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5 Negative Effects of Bad Posture on Your Body and Mind

Poor posture is the new first-world problem that’s causing more mental and physical health complicationsthan most people realize. The human body was designed to move – not to sit in a chair for several hours at a time. Over time, bad habits lead to fatigue, depression, pain and headaches. There’s a reason your mother told …

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Wellness Corner with Ryan Reader

Pickleball Professional and Director of Operations at The Pickleball Academy of Southwest Florida Ryan will discuss the how a newbie can get started in Pickleball as well as the keys for a newer player.      

Pilates for Pickleball & Tennis

A growing number of tennis and Pickleball players at every level practice Pilates. They utilise their Pilates training for a range of issues. Issues such as: injury prevention and recovery, rectifying muscle imbalance, to improving flexibility and building core and stabilizer muscles. Racquet sports are by their nature one-sided. Most players repeatedly use the same …

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Evidence-based Approaches for Osteoarthritis

More than a million people a year are getting a total joint replacement, most typically an artificial hip or knee. If the numbers keep growing, the total joint replacement could reach 4 million a year in less than 20 years. You don’t need to be genius to understand that the majority of people will go under the …

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How to Overcome Lack of Motivation

Have you ever been inspired to change, to start a project, an exercise program, and then stopped? Where did the motivation go and why didn’t last? A lot of people set goals and see them as unachievable even before starting the process. They look at their goals like it’s a giant staircase and they will …

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Private Physical Therapy

‘’My Husband Could Not Believe I Was Paying For Private Physical Therapy…. But When I Could Walk Further For Longer Than Him…’’ Keep reading to find out why choosing the ‘’standard health care route’’ option could be A COSTLY regret if you’re trying to get rid of your pain successfully. By Dave Lessard Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer.   To …

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Understanding Pain

Pain is a sensation interpreted by our central nervous system (CNS) after a mechanical, thermal, or chemical signal is first converted to an electrical (nerve) impulse. It is a perception developed through evolution, much like smell or taste in its physiological properties and it carries an important function in the body to keep us aware …

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Education May Cut Dementia Risk, Study Finds –

This is a great article that summarizes the benefits of education for dementia. Bear in mind that learning can be physical, such as through exercise, performance, and skilled movements. Consider the research on Parkinsons disease and dancing — as people with Parkinsons dance they get better. It’s the new (or relatively new) learned skilled coupled …

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Lower Back Pain, PT or Injections

The below recent article from Reuters shows that injections for disc herniations provide only short temporary relief. Recall a recent study that showed injections with saline into the spine also produced the same pain reduction response as steroids. This shows a strong placebo effect, and that active exercise physical therapy still is the best choice …

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