The Fitness Advice You Shouldn’t Follow

“Eat less and exercise more.”

You’ve heard this before.

The surefire way to lose weight…

Unfortunately, it’s REALLY bad advice.

Here are 10 reasons why simply ‘eating less’ is bad for you.

– It slows down your metabolism (lowering of thyroid, increase in cortisol).

– It increases hunger and cravings.

– It will cause binge episodes (when you aren’t eating enough, your body will eventually force you to).

– It causes weight gain (you will inevitably overeat).

– It makes it harder to stay consistent (constantly relying on willpower).

– It makes each successive attempt at fat loss more difficult.

– It causes self doubt and shame (you feel like a failure for not being able to stick with it).

– It affects your sleep.

– It adds stress to an already stressed out system.

– It weakens your immune system.

When trying to lose weight, you need to create a healthy functioning environment that is sustainable.

That means eating what’s RIGHT for YOUR body.

This is what we teach at Florida Personal Training.

And why so many of our clients not only lose weight, but KEEP it off!

At Florida Personal Training, our nutrition specialist build our programs to be sustainable. If you’re ready to get started with a plan that you can stick with visit to get started today!

Call or email today. Let’s do this!

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