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Dr. Otto Jaasko

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Otto received his Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2016 and he successfully passed his Board of Certification examinations to become a certified sports medicine provider.

Otto is a member of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association and he has been engaged in presenting research at national conferences as well as teaching anatomy & physiology throughout his undergraduate career.

Born in Rovaniemi, Finland, Otto moved to the U.S. to play top-level competitive ice hockey and study sport medicine. He has worked with a clientele from NCAA Division I athletes to more traditional rehabilitation clients. Through his academic, athletic, and clinical experience, Otto provides a unique mix of sports medicine and fitness expertise through orthopedic evaluation and rehabilitation, as well as personal- and sports performance training.

When not assisting clients with their fitness and rehabilitation needs, Otto can be found playing ice hockey, soccer, tennis, and other sports.

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