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I’m not sure you can relate to this but…

…have you ever felt like this when trying to lose weight?

You do really well for a period of time and then blow it for no reason.

• You do good all day and then have a moment of weakness where you can’t control what you eat.

• You stay consistent all week and totally fall off the wagon on the weekend.

I have.

Lots of times!

Late night snacking.

Uncontrollable sugar cravings.

Stuffing my face while standing in front of the cupboards.

All it did was leave me feeling guilty and wanting to say ‘screw it’ all together.

It also made me feel like I was constantly starting over.

Which made me feel like a failure.

And question whether I could actually be successful.

I’d try a hundred different ways to ‘trick’ myself into staying on track.

But here’s the truth.

They were just bandaid solutions.

The real causes of the issues were this:

• Trying to be perfect, which leads to blowing up.

• Trying to do too much, which leads to burn out.

• Restricting all day long, which leads to late night snacking.

• Trying to rush the process, which leads to frustration and disappointment.

• Depriving and having no flexibility, which leads to binges and over indulgence.

So what did I do?

I first had to change my mindset…

Instead of perfection, I focused on consistency and averages.

For example:

If I consistently workout more days per week than not, I’ll move towards my goal.

If I consistently eat what I should more days that I shouldn’t, I’ll move towards my goal.

Is the system perfect? No.

But what I found is that by giving myself flexibility and permission to be human (NOT perfect all the time), I’m able to stick to the plan.

Ever since then, I’ve gotten better results.

This is exactly what we teach at Florida Personal Training.

Flexibility + Consistently = Sustainability.

Contact us today to begin your fitness journey here at Florida Personal Training.

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