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How Physical Therapy in Naples Helps Your Body and Your Mind

physical therapy Naples

All too often, it is our own minds that hold us back from finding the success that we really crave. When we’ve suffered an injury, been through surgery, or something simply becomes uncomfortable, we start to tell ourselves that we just can’t do it. In all actuality, with a little bit of help, you just might be able to accomplish what you need to. But it takes a concerted effort from your mind, your body, and a professional to guide you. Utilizing physical therapy in Naples is a great way to be guided through the necessary steps to ease your mind and achieve the recovery or independence that you are after. In this guide, we will dive a little deeper into the topic of how physical therapy can help your body AND your mind! 


The first thing to know about any type of physical activity is that it releases endorphins. These endorphins naturally trigger your body to feel positive. The brain’s idea of pain is greatly reduced when endorphins are triggered. 

Remember how we said that it’s mind over matter? Your mind is telling you that you just can’t do it. But when you start working through physical activity through guided physical therapy processes, your brain is going to be convinced that you can do it. The pain you’re afraid of will be far less significant than your brain fears it will be. 

Since you feel less pain and you have an overall positive feeling, you can be more successful in your efforts. This is also a great way to combat depression! Your mind plays tricks on you. With physical therapy, we can convince your mind of what you are truly capable of. 

Change Your Thinking

You likely are going through physical therapy for a reason. It may be that you had surgery, experienced an injury, or perhaps you’re struggling from diminished movement or pain and physical therapy is just what the doctor ordered. 

Sometimes having a guide by your side who teaches you what moves to do and how to do them can make a world of difference. While your brain was telling you not to bend your knees because it was painful, trained physical therapists will know exactly what exercises can help you overcome that. 

However, you’ve got to change your thinking to get anywhere. We already know endorphins are on your side. But you have to take the first step to release those endorphins! As you observe the results of your activities, you will see that it really is working. 

No one is above the concept of physical therapy. Change your thinking so that the idea of utilizing physical therapy isn’t a negative thing. It can provide massive benefits for both your mind and your body! 

The Top Mental Health Benefits of Physical Therapy

physical therapy Naples

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There have been many studies that tie mental health well-being to the use of physical therapy. Whether you’re questioning your capability or simply feeling some depression, physical therapy really might be the answer. 

The top known mental benefits include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Self-esteem building
  • Decrease depression
  • Improve sleep
  • Social connections

Let’s take a closer look at each of these paired with physical therapy practices. 

Stress Reduction

When you’re in pain, this often leads to stress. And when you’re stressed, your body will feel more physical pain than it might when you aren’t stressed out. Pain causes both anxiety and stress by releasing hormones that trigger these things. 

While those hormones certainly serve a purpose, they can also trigger stress when it isn’t needed. This is particularly true of chronic pain. That pain is triggering stress repeatedly and probably leading to more issues. 

Self-Esteem Building

Physical therapy can help build your self-esteem in different ways. Imagine you’re making progress and discovering that you can do things you couldn’t do before. You’re going to gain confidence in your capabilities from this alone. 

You will be working to meet goals and as you meet goals, you boost your self-esteem to a whole new level. Plus, dopamine will keep you motivated to move forward. 

Decrease Depression

We touched on this briefly already. Chemicals and hormones in your body are released when you’re working out or engaging in physical activity. Those endorphins lead to feeling happier. You could be combatting depression through physical therapy and help reduce the side effects of depression. 

If you are experiencing depression, you should still see a doctor for treatment. However, you might just be surprised at how much of a difference physical therapy and physical activity can make! 

Improve Sleep

One of the most common ailments of people these days is a lack of good sleep. And when you aren’t getting quality sleep, your mind and your body are both suffering. Losing sleep can lead to depression, anxiety, and other health issues, and it will certainly affect your mood. 

Physical therapy utilizes mild to moderate physical activity. As you move your body, you are far more likely to experience better sleep at night. 

Social Connections

Finally, another benefit of physical therapy is the social connections that you can make. You will connect with your physical therapist, and you may also connect with others in group settings or classes. 

Additionally, you will find that you are not alone, and plenty of others have similar struggles. You won’t feel isolated or like something is wrong with you. Instead, you will develop a great support system. 

Take Advantage of Physical Therapy for Your Mind and Body

If you’re looking for physical therapy in Naples, we are here to help! Our trained and certified providers will guide you through the right movements and solutions for your physical therapy needs. You will receive a customized approach that is tailored to your situation. 

Improve the health of your mind and your body. Schedule your physical therapy today. 

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