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How can Pilates help your Golf game?

Have you been trying to figure out how to get more distance on your drive?

Have you tried new clubs? Have you taken some golf lessons but still having trouble with distance?

So what is missing?

The golf club is the tool that is used to hit the ball, the lessons are the instruction manual on how to hit the club. The machine that generates the fuel to hit the ball is your body!

It is preconditioning, that is the key to performance in any sport. All professional athletes spend hours conditioning themselves in order to play the game at a competitive level.

Weekend warriors may be different. Are you spending too much time sitting down, using your electronic devices? Is your exercise routine hit or miss?

The Pilates technique of exercise, named after Joseph Pilates has been utilized since 1915 (102 years!) Pilates combines Martial Arts, Boxing, Yoga, Greek and Roman Gymnastics. Joseph Pilates, parents started training Joseph at an early age he was sought out by professional athletes and performers. He had a muscular body (like Jack LaLanne, and the Rock)! Joseph was amazing, he kept exercising all his life. He was in great physical condition up until the day he died at age 87. His wife, Clara, a nurse, was in great condition as well. She retired from teaching at Joseph Pilates exercise studios at age 90.

Imagine being in top physical condition All your life, being able to do the things that you like to do, without pain and disability!

Talk about “Uber Elders”! Wouldn’t you like to live past age 90 in great physical condition?

Joseph added deep diaphragmatic breathing during exercise, because he had asthma and this was a way to increase his exercise tolerance. He invented all of his own exercise equipment using spring loaded, moving platforms, made of wood.


So is there anything that is different about the Pilates technique?

  1. All exercise is done in good posture and alignment, training the bones and muscles for sports, including golf.

Why is this Important?

Having good posture will prevent injuries, and deformities that come with aging. This could mean, no hip, knee, replacements for you! No rounded shoulders!!

  1. During the session, all exercises engage the core (belly, back, and pelvic floor) which supports the body throughout movement. You are taught to engage your core ALL day long, that is your ultimate goal!
  2. Pilates is a moving exercise, and you use ALL of your muscles, and the weight of your body during the exercises using specific motor patterns. This promotes dynamic flexibility and strength needed for golf.
  3. So you get a tall, commanding up right posture, strong, lean and flexible muscles and fluid movement.

So what will help you hit the ball further? Pilates exercises!!!

Drive through the feet, engage the core, pelvic floor and pelvic girdle, with strength and flexibility.

Inhale on the back swing, and exhale to hit the ball this allows the core to activate more during impact of the club head to the ball!

The force from your foot contact on the ground, up into the hips/pelvis will translate up through the upper torso to the arms and into the club head to make the ball go further!

Your Pilates instructor, in cooperation with your golf pro, is there to guide you!


Dr. Susan Baver Mann PT DPT

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