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’My Husband Could Not Believe I Was Paying For Private Physical Therapy….

But When I Could Walk Further For Longer Than Him…’’

Keep reading to find out why choosing the ‘’standard health care route’’ option could be A COSTLY regret if you’re trying to get rid of your pain successfully.

By Dave Lessard Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer.


To the person with pain who is still struggling with activities such as walking, sleeping, sitting, standing, playing golf, tennis or whatever it might be, what I am about to tell you is not likely going to please you… The modern healthcare system is not there to solve your problem.

The modern health care system is the route most people use to get treatment, but the question is why? Is it cheaper? Better? Easier to access?… Most insurance based physical therapy practices are part of the modern health care system. They are stuck in an endless circle, the route they must take to survive….

Here are some facts that you should know about insurance based PT practice:

  1. Insurance companies have set TREMENDOUS limitations on reimbursement of physical therapy session over the years. Most traditional physical therapy clinics (those that accept insurance) have been forced to see multiple patients per hour just so they can pay the bills and keep the lights on.
  1. By choosing insurance based physical therapy practice, you don’t have the choice over how SPECIALIST your therapist actually is. There is a chance you will see your physical therapist only once during the initial evaluation and never see him again, being treated by a physical therapist assistant to decrease expenses for the company and again to keep the lights on. In cash-based PT practice, you can decide who you want to see as your therapist.
  1. Insurance companies decide what type of treatment you will get, and how many visits you are allowed to get.  Unfortunately, these decisions are being made by someone who’s never even spoken to you, met you, or actually looked at you to see what’s going on and what you really need to feel better. On top of that, most of them have very LIMITED knowledge of physical therapy…
  1. Paying copays is more expensive in a long term than paying for private PT. Let’s say you pay $40/visit but only receiving 30 minutes of ONE-ON-ONE care (usually less), and being asked to come 2-3 treatments/week for 6-8 weeks. That would cost you $480 on the very low end and $960 on the high end and this is if you have $0 deductible which is rarely the case. On the other hand, by choosing private PT with longer one-on-one sessions, you can get the same results with 1 treatment per week for 4-6 weeks charging $120/visit, the range you would be paying is from $480 to $720. So, you can actually save money by going to cash-pay physical therapy.

When you choose to come at Naples Personal Training, I’ll personally GUARANTEE you will get one-on-one session for 60 minutes, that you will be able to decide when, where and how you will achieve your goals and who will help you reach them.

And the best part is many times our sessions can actually be paid for by your insurance company (you submit your own claims).

The biggest thing I hear: “Why didn’t I come to you first”.

I know I can help YOU. Take your next step and call or text me TODAY at 239-440-6485, I’ll be happy to help you.


Dave Lessard, physical therapist and personal trainer at Naples Personal Training.

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