New Dietary Guidelines Urge Less Sugar for All and Less Protein for Boys and Men

Want to lose weight and get healthy? These new guidelines sound like a great news bite but they are essentially watered down, old recommendations with a twist. To eat less than 10% of calories from sugar is too much. Moreover all sugars are not created equally, especially from fruit with fiber.
Even more stinging is the meat industry’s lobby whom obviously fought the USDA from making specific, concrete recommendations for reducing animal protein. “Eat less meat”…does that mean anything to you? It seems our government lacks the balls to make a sound statement, but they do know how to over step their powers.
The meat lobby hammered congress to ensure that the National Academy of Medicine would not make environmental impact comments in their nutrition summary. Why? Well, eating a vegan diet has an extremely low impact on mother earth. For instance, one burger takes thousands of gallons of water and probably an acre worth of energy (from plants). One burger, one meal…this is not sustainable for our 340 million Americans let alone the billions on earth. Watch the movie Cowspiracy to learn more. The bottom line is that the meat industry still holds congressional purse strings, and your government sponsored food recommendations will continue to be 35 years out of date; until you begin to eat nearly no meat and very little refined sugar on your own.

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