Education May Cut Dementia Risk, Study Finds –

This is a great article that summarizes the benefits of education for dementia. Bear in mind that learning can be physical, such as through exercise, performance, and skilled movements. Consider the research on Parkinsons disease and dancing — as people with Parkinsons dance they get better. It’s the new (or relatively new) learned skilled coupled with physical exertion that helps the brain regain synapses, produce improved neurotransmitter (dopamine) release, and enhance the mind and body interaction. 

The research article also emphasizes the importance of physical exercise to prevent Alzheimers. Diabetes and cardiovascular disease have major implications with this brain disease. As such a plant based diet is key to reducing the risk of developing these diseases. Lastly, exercise is also important to increase your heart’s efficiency, improve metabolism, increase capillary density, lower blood pressure, and ultimately, stay sharp.

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