Consistently Staying Consistent

When people are struggling to see results, they often say this…“I’ve been really good lately…”“I ate healthy over the weekend…”“I worked out every day this week…”And it’s always followed by this…“But my weight hasn’t changed!”I’m going to give you a hard truth.What you do sometimes doesn’t matter.What you do consistently does!If you consistently pick at snacks throughout the day, but don’t ‘count’ them, you won’t see results.If you consistently drink extra calories, but don’t think about it, you won’t lose weight. You might gain weight!A good week or two is a drop in the bucket compared to years of bad habits.It takes time to create a healthy environment for your body to lose fat properly.If you consistently work out 3-4x per week for 3+ months, you will see results.If you track your food for a month, you will most likely see results.Stop trying to rush your weight loss.It’s causing unnecessary stress and it’s demoralizing.Focus on healthy actions that you can be consistent with.When you find something that you can stick with long-term, the only outcome is a successful one.-The Florida Personal Training TeamPS. Our job at FPT is to help you be consistent and stay on track. To start getting the results you want and deserve, contact us today!

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