Keep It Simple.. Keep It Consistent

If you are wanting to be more consistent..Here is my recommendation.When you are trying to be successful in any area of your life, you need to narrow your focus.Don’t try to change 10 things at once. That’s a recipe for disaster.Keep it simple and choose one.For example, I would choose one of the below.– I am going to bed by 10pm every night.– I will drink ‘x’ amount of water each day.– I will log my food every day.– I will workout 4x per week.I wouldn’t choose all of them to focus on. I wouldn’t even attempt it.I would choose one and focus 100% of my energy on it.It might be hard in the beginning, but before long it will be easier to stick with it.Once it becomes routine and you are consistent, choose a new goal to focus on.Keep it simple and keep it consistent!

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