If you’re like most people you decided it’s time to make a change and get your body in better shape so you can play better golf. 

  1. Did you try a new diet? Try to clean up your eating? Started watching what you put in your body, started to go to the gym and get some workouts in, practice golf shots. You put in all of this work and effort and it isn’t doing what you wanted to do – so now your a little bit frustrated !!!! You start thinking I just don’t have the time to dedicate to this sport – So maybe I need a new Driver and I’ll go get some lessons from the pro at the club. 

This is a roller coaster! Ok so you get motivated, you decide to make some changes but don’t get the results that you were looking for “ FRUSTRATION 

  1. Most people start taking random exercise classes and unfortunately they get the standard line “We can shave 20 strokes off your game and help you lose 10 pounds” 

The real results come from when you work on your body and you get your body moving consistently over a longer period of time.  There aren’t any quick fixes! 

  1. I am going to show you a simple plan, a blueprint on how you can get your body moving better so you can play better golf. 
  1. Start moving and feeling better – It’s a routine of different movements that you’re going do on a daily basis to get your joints moving better, to get you feeling a lot more free when you’re over the ball and also to allow you to do the things in the gym and in your swing that you been trying to do for years. 
  1. You will see dramatic improvement simply by implementing some of these daily motion routines and improving the way that their joints work.  Focus on the big three; 1. Neck, 2. Shoulders, 3. Hips. 
  1. Three main things that impact you’re achieving the golf swing and the game that you love are: 
  1. Consistency – Toe Touch Test has high correlation 
  1. Distance – improved rotation in the lower body has been proven to improve power dramatically 
  1. Triumph over back pain – it’s the golfers most serious problem 

Goal of this Comprehensive warm up and corrective exercise Program 

  1. A) Decrease pain 
  1. B) Improve core stabilization 
  1. C) Increase playing time 
  1. D) Improve static & dynamic posture 
  1. E) Improve static and dynamic balance 
  1. F) Improve efficiency of your golf swing – spinal articulation 
  1. G) Develop your power slings 

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