Did you know that the fastest growing age group in the United States is 100? 

In the 1950’s there were only 3000 people who were over 100, by 2050 there will be 1 million people in the US 100 or older. 

What part of the population would you like to be in? 

Pick one 

  1. one of 23 million people 65 or older with one limiting factor that interferes with your activity? 
  1. Part of the 45.5 percent with 2 to 3 limiting factors interfering with your activity? 
  1. Part of the 14.1 percent with 3-4 limiting factors interfering with your activity, causing major dehabilitation? 

You can control 70% of your lifestyle by what you do, 20% is affected by genetics, and 10% is by what you have not done? 

“UBER ELDERS” are people who are ageless, strong and fit. 

Did you know that you could change your body starting at age of 56 or 87? 

Continue to run, cycle, row, swim, body build, play sports, become a personal trainer at age 80 to 96 or more? 

Did you know that Joseph Pilates, the originator of Pilates Exercise ( born in the 1890’s ) lived to be 87 and fit, and his wife lived to be 93 and fit too, defying the odds of longevity in their day? 

Exercise, eating properly, and staying engaged with purposeful activities may allow you to have a lively and fulfilling life up into the 100’s 

Exercises that work all the body parts at the same time, are more effective than single muscle exercises on a weight machine, or with a bar bell. 

Pilates exercise is very effective in increasing one’s longevity, fitness and agility, putting your body back in balance, burning fat, and creating muscle. 

You have to concentrate on the movement patterns, and use diaphragmatic breathing as part of the exercises. The Pilates exercise technique helps your immune system, so that you are less likely to get sick , and your mental concentration 

Wouldn’t you like to be an UBER ELDER? 


Dr. Susan Mann mixes her skills as a Doctor of Physical Therapy with Pilates, specializing in tailoring a safe and progressive program for individuals who are 50 and older, up to 100! 

Reference: Older Americans 2012: Key Indicators of Well Being;CDC and ACL data 

 March 20, 2018, Page D4, New York edition with the headline: Exercise Really Can Keep You Young 

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