Why is it that every time you start to see results, something happens that sets you back? We see and hear it again and again. So what is the #1 results killer? A change in routine. Think about it for a minute. You were doing GREAT and then something came up that changed your routine. A long weekend. A vacation. Family is visiting. Kids’ schedules change. You got sick. A work trip. Once you’re out of your routine, it’s hard to get back on track. One day becomes three days…   Three days becomes two weeks…   A month later, you’re left wondering what happened and why you gained weight? It’s because you stopped being consistent with your workouts. So what do you do about it? Here are two simple tips. 1. Book your first workout back. If you’re going to be away or an event is going to change your regular routine, get your first workout back on the calendar.   Commit to ONE workout as soon as you can. Monday can be best to start your week off right, but whatever day gets you back in your schedule is ideal! Once you get one workout in, you’ll be back on track. 2. Front load your week. I like to front load my workouts each week. What does that mean? I do my first two workouts on Monday/Tuesday. That way if an unexpected schedule change comes up later in my week I’m not getting off track. It allows my schedule to be more flexible so I can still get at least 3 workouts in each week. Remember, consistency creates results. Do everything in your power to stick to your routine. If you get off track, all it takes is doing ONE workout to get back on! -The FPT Team
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