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Improve Your Game with Golf Performance Training in Naples

golf performance training Naples

Perfecting your golf skills hinges on being willing to practice and learn how to get better. However, golf performance training can also be a valuable way to enhance your skills. Through a series of carefully selected workouts and movements, you have the possibility of improving your swing, speed, and overall scores. 

With our golf performance training in Naples, we work through a guided process that progresses and helps you to improve your game. In this guide, we share more details about how this type of training just might help you out! Check it out below. 

What is Golf Performance Training? 

Golf performance training uses a golf focus to coordinate exercises that will help you on the course. The exercises are designed to improve stance, posture, swing, and mobility so that your swings are stronger and more accurate. Rather than just working out for strength, you’re building strength and going through a fitness program specific to the game of golf. 

Consider it specialized fitness training. Below, you will find some insight as to how these exercises can benefit your game. 

1. Power and Speed

Do you feel like your swing simply doesn’t pack enough punch? The power in your swing comes from turning your body and ending your backswing just right. From the forward swing to the backswing, it all comes together to create the power and speed behind the hit. But when you’re swinging, you can’t slow it down to slow motion to figure out just where you’re going wrong. Instead, you have to use performance training techniques to improve your core and your movement to help build speed and power. 

While exercises will vary depending on the trainer, they typically focus on strength for this particular piece. A focus on your deltoids will likely be a big part of the movement. Arm raises and medicine ball tosses are common choices, but we can help you with specialized strategies. 

2. Control

A powerful swing is only as good as the control that you have. You need the power, but you also need to be able to control the movements to control the ball better. Here, you want to focus on the total swing and not just getting power behind it. To exert control, you absolutely must use the right muscles. 

Again, this will heavily use strength training, particularly in your core. But that’s not all. As you engage your core, you will engage other valuable muscles in the swing movement. You’ve got to instill a good stance, a really great grip, and a stellar release. And you have to do it all without overextending. 

Exercises will take a core and stability focus, with things like leg lifts, side bridges, and hip movement exercises as part of the training process. 

3. Prevent Injuries

Photo by Peter Drew on Unsplash

Did you know that nearly 50% of professional golfers get injured at some point during play? And when you look at amateur players, there have been years that it has been up to nearly 70% of players. 

The most common golf injuries include:

  • Rotator cuff
  • Tennis elbow
  • Back strain
  • Tendonitis
  • Golfer’s elbow

Golf injuries often stem from the swing itself and often can be avoided with proper form. While the repetitive nature and the force behind a swing can play a part, strengthening yourself and learning how to perfect your form could make a huge difference. 

In this case, physical fitness and getting the form right both play a huge role in preventing injuries. It’s also important to properly warm up before playing golf to help prepare your muscles and body for the movements. 

Important Areas to Strengthen for Golf Performance

Much of golf happens in the swing, which heavily stems from your core. But it’s not just your core that is actively engaged and working hard. Your shoulders and arms are hosting the swing and the pushing force behind it. Your core provides stability and will be part of the power of your turn as you swing. Then your legs, glutes, and hips are also important for the swing movement and increasing your power and control. 

Each of these areas must be consistently strengthened as you work on improving your skills. And in doing so, you improve things like speed, control, form, and power for your golfing abilities. 

The Top Benefits of Golf Performance Training

Golf games can be intense and when you play 18 holes, you can easily get worn out. You’re playing in the heat and in some cases walking more than 5 miles to complete a full course. That’s not even counting the movement of your swings on each hole. This is significant activity and muscle movement. 

The biggest benefit of performance training is to help build strength and fitness that are specific to golf. It’s not just general fitness, but rather a focused fitness that prepares your body for golf movement. 

These are some of the major benefits of using specialized golf performance training:

  • Improve energy levels
  • Increase your overall productivity
  • Improve fitness and tone your body
  • Improve your overall game results
  • Create a schedule that works for you
  • Workouts are safe and monitored
  • Work with a trained professional

These classes are individualized to help with your needs. Much like you would go through conditioning for things like basketball, football, and other sports, you also need conditioning for your golf games. 

Let Florida Personal Training Help with Golf Performance Training in Naples

Whether you want to steadily improve your golf game or you just want to improve your fitness as a golf player, we can help. Florida Personal training has many different options when it comes to golf performance training. 

Contact us today to learn more about our class options and get on the schedule. Let’s make your golf performance something to be proud of! 

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