Nutrition Matters for Your Weight Loss and Control

Pick your foods wisely… not all fruits and vegetables are created equally. Our fitness professionals care about your nutrition: to optimize your weight control avoid starchy vegetables and fruit juices! This makes sense as corn, peas, and fruit juices are laden with carbohydrates and lack fiber that other fruits and vegetables provide. High carb intake has been associated with weight gain, metabolic disease, and even cancer (with prolonged doses). Fiber often can help “buffer” or reduce sugar’s impact on your body. So by picking those easy veges like canned corn or frozen peas, you might has well be eating a “sweet” instead of vegetable. Lastly, fruit juices have no fiber and are riddled with sugar and sometimes coloring, preservatives, etc. Avoid these at all cost as they spike your insulin and promote weight gain… if you have to drink it, water down in a 1:4 ratio of juice to water (or seltzer water to add a sparkle).

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