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katie mulligan

Need balance, peace, agility?
katie will help Guide you!

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Katie became certified to teach in 2011 and has been teaching since then, over 1500 classes.  She believes that yoga is for everybody and seeks to make the class accessible to all. Yoga helps to calm the mind, open and strengthen the body, nourish the heart, and enliven the spirit. Katie continues to study, learn, and grow on a daily basis. She loves to share and teach the ancient practice of yoga; encouraging her students to move, breathe, and find joy in their being. She believes yoga, as a healing art and science, has the ability to lift and inspire the human spirit, as well as to heal body and mind. Yoga is deep, transformative love in motion. Her aim is that after class, you feel more refreshed, relaxed and renewed.

"It is for love that the whole universe sprang into existence, and it is for the sake of love that it is kept going." -Meher Baba

increased flexibility and mobility
increased body awareness
improved athletic performance
improved balance

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