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Kat Debettencourt

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Kat is a ISSA certified personal trainer and a certified TPI golf fitness instructor. She earned her bachelors degree in exercise science and will be earning a combined masters and doctorate in Sport Psychology starting in the Fall of 2021.

Physical activity and sports have been a huge part of Kat’s life from a very early age. She began playing golf and basketball at the age of 4 and was passionate about both. Kat began working with a trainer at the age of 12 and ever since then she continued to enjoy learning more about the importance of exercise, strength, balance, nutrition, flexibility, mobility, injury prevention, rest, sport specific training, and the psychological part of exercise/sport.

Kat still plays and compete in golf as an amateur. She has gone through a lot of her own training to continue to improve her body for competition. Kat is grateful for being able to have been the one being trained because it allows her to connect to her clients in an understanding way.

She has been a personal trainer since 2015 and has gained a lot of experience and confidence in herself as professional during that time.

As a trainer, she is able to see the needs of each client and create a plan that guides them toward reaching their specific goal(s). Kat is a very good listener and an empathetic person; and that allows her to connect very well with her clients and approach their training in a way that will work for them. she has a very driven personality and this tends to help motivate and inspire her clients.

Kat has experience and enjoys working with clients of all ages and all fitness levels.

 She believes that movement and physical activity are necessary components of everyone’s physical and mental wellness.

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